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Investments in new projects with the coastal road construction

Investment in 12 projects in San Juan del Sur and tola with the announcement of the construction of the coastal road.

Currently the construction of the coastal road is in its first stage, there are a lot of other projects that are waiting in line like hotels, shopping centers, housing developments, etc.  One of the  projects is a regional technical school to be installed in Tola that will educate and graduate technicians in food handling, warehouse, management, accounting assistants, construction, and electricians.

It estimates at least 10 investment projects destined for Tola that would add to the 24 that already exist and two projects for San Juan del Sur that would add to the 160 already established, the construction schedule is vital for programming investments. The connection between San Juan del Sur and Tola is essential because these towns are the most important beach destinations in Nicaragua and the airport, Costa Esmeralda, will service both important tourist destinations.


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